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A Game of Numbers is a math based puzzle game where you use math and logic skills to solve increasingly difficult challenges! It starts off demonstrating the basic math operations with simple mathematic puzzles, and then slowly introduces new mechanics that touch on divisibility, algebra, and even functions. A game that will be challenging for those that like math and still manages to be enjoyable by those that don't!

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supports Windows + Mac + Linux


Play through over 75 hand crafted levels designed to push and challenge you! Experience the satisfaction of realizing the simple concept that leads to the solution of a seemingly complex puzzle.

Subconsciously reinforces several key mathematical principles and many levels require a deeper level of critical thinking to solve, and the best part, it's fun!

Create new levels yourself using the built in editor. You can then upload it for others to play while also downloading levels made by others.

Fun if you like math... Still fun if you don't!!

A game by Joseph Michels 2013 Joedev Studios presskit()